forgetters is a Brooklyn-based, three-piece American death-folk band.

July 26, 2014

forgetters supports Palestine


May 16, 2014

forgetters playing DBA on May 30, 2014

Bennio Qwerty
The Seth

doors @ 8:00pm
Death by Audio: 49 s. 2nd st., brooklyn
all ages
for more information


May 2, 2013

Blake Schwarzenbach's 2013 Mobile Disco Decathlon [PLATINUM THUG PAYBACK EDITION]

The decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events. The word decathlon is of Greek origin, from δέκα (déka, meaning "ten") and ἄθλος (áthlos, or ἄθλον, áthlon, meaning "feat"). Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all.

Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Forgetters) and his emerging alter egos, Chris Lager (DJ/Producer:Forgetters,O.C.D.,Chris Lager) and O.C.D. (Rapper/Compulsive:Original Guitar Dracula, Ole Crazy Disorder, Often Cutz Deep, etc.)are coming to your town soon! The show will feature Blake, Chris, and O.C.D. on a single stage, playing records, singing songs, spittin', mixing, and plain old storytelling. Expect some catalog.  The event is modeled on the Greek "Decathlon," renowned for its rigor and mixed martial artistry.  Go mobile, Go Chris Go!

Blake's June Tour Dates Below: 

June 12 (Wed)              Metro Gallery                      Baltimore, MD
June 13 (Thu)               Gallery5                              Richmond, VA
June 14 (Fri)                 Local 506                           Chapel Hill, NC
June 15 (Sat)                Drunken Unicorn                 Atlanta, GA
June 16 (Sun)               OFF
June 17 (Mon)              Red 7                                  Austin, TX
June 18 (Tue)               Three Links                         Dallas, TX
June 19 (Wed)              TBA
June 20 (Thu)               Record Bar w/ forgetters       Kansas City, MO
June 21 (Fri)                 TBA                            
June 22 (Sat)                Schubas                            Chicago, IL       
June 23 (Sun)               Schubas                            Chicago, IL
June 24 (Mon)              Garden Bowl                       Detroit
June 25 (Tue)               TBA
June 26 (Wed)              Grog Shop                          Cleveland, OH
June 27 (Thu)               Bug Jar                              Rochester, NY
June 28 (Fri)                 Lilly’s Pad at Toad’s Pl.     New Haven, CT
June 29 (Sat)               The Barbary                        Philadelphia, PA